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Experience & Qualifications
Job Categories: Tankers/Bulk
Position(s): Engineer, Assistant (Second), Engineer, Assistant (Third), Superintendent, Marine
Licenses: I have education of Marine Engineer

Engineer Certificate (engineer, STCW III/1, Operational, Limitations:
NONE [engine / steam]
Repairman Certificate STCW III/4 support
Motorman Certificate STCW III/4, support
Nationality: Finland
Gulf of Mexico Experience: Previously worked in the GOM? Yes
Currently working in the GOM? Yes
Twic Card? No
Safe Gulf Card? No
Huet Card? No
US Coast Guard Endorsements: None provided.
Last Medical Exam: Unknown

Neste Oil Shipping
Espoo Finland
2nd Engineer and Motorman and Repair Man jobs 1989 - 2006

MT Palva;
GRT 28 292 Product Tanker, Vessel HP; 14700, Main Engine; Wärtsilä Zulzer 5 RTA76.
MT Natura;  
51 161 GRT Product Tanker, Vessel HP;147760, Main Engines (2); Wärtsilä Vasa 6 R46
2nd Engineer (and Repairman, Motorman) job
MT Tervi; 28 292 GRT Product Tanker, Vessel HP;14700, Main Engine;  Wärtsilä Zulzer 5 RTA76
2nd Engineer (and Motorman) job
MT Tavi; 13 974 GRT Chemical Tanker, Vessel HP; 13 974, Main Engine; Wärtsilä-SEMT-Pielstick 6PC3.4L-570
2nd Engineer (and Motorman) job
MT Purha; 18 224 GRT Crude Oil Tanker, Vessel HP; 8350, Main Engine; Götäwärken DM520/1110 VGS-U
Engineer and Motorman
LPG Neste Gas; 4 779 GRT LPG Carrier Vessel HP; 4800, Main Engines (4); Wärtsilä 825 TS
Look page no 4/5
TT Jaarli; 122 936 GRT Crude oil Tanker, Vessel HP; 32000 Main Engine; Siemens High power/low power Steam tur-bines

14.08.2006 - Present work /
Elomatic Marine Ltd  / Projects & Shipowner Services  / Helsinki office, Finland
Project Engineer (Technical Superintendent) / Senior Design Engineer / Marine Engineer

2006-2007 Aker Arctic:
Basic design for Double Acting Icebreaking Tanker
Work related to basic design of machinery (calculations, schematics etc.) for the following systems:
Cooling-, fresh-, feed-, grey- and black water. Steam and condense water, lubrication oil, fuel oil , sludge oil. Start-, work and instrument air etc.
Aker Yards, Helsinki
Supervision of four diesel motor Factory test runs in Wärtsilä diesel motor Factory, Trieste, Italy.
Aker Yards, Helsinki
Test drive engineer (main engines etc.) at Aker Yards Helsinki Shipyard for RoPax ferry Newbuilding No 1357.  
Aker Yards Lifecycle Services
Investigation of impact on machinery equipment and systems due to changed fuel quality for Icebreakers Urho and Sisu.  
2008- Aker Arctic
            Preliminary settlement of accounts for multi-purpose icebreaker Icebreaking, Invitation for             tenders and technical settlements for machinery plant equipments (harbour and emergency generators)
Aker Yards Lifecycle Services
            Investigation of impact on machinery equipment and systems due to changed fuel quality for Sea tugboat
Aker Arctic
          Basic design for Double Acting Icebreaking Tanker
          Work related to basic design of refrigerating systems.
Preliminary settlement for Luxury house-ship / cruiser
Basic design for Luxury house-ship / cruiser of  
Work related to basic design of engine room systems :
Cooling and feed water and fuel oil feeding system and etc...
Yiu Lian Dock Yards, Shekou (China)
Test drive engineer (main engines etc.) at Yiu Lian Dock Yards for Bibby Renaissance

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