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Job Title Category Position Home Port
Ch.Officer Offshore Vessels Engineer, Chief (Unlimited)
Captain Offshore Vessels Master, Unlimited
Manager Regional Operations- P.. Admin/Finance/HR Managerial, Shore Side
Maritime Operations Manager Captain All NA
Marine Assurance Coordinator Admin/Finance/HR Compliance Coordinator
Jr. Butler / Jr. Service Assis.. Luxury Yachts Steward Palm Beach, FL
oil/gas/marine engineers Offshore Vessels Engineer, Field United Kingdom
Captain/Master Marine/Technical Captain, Port
Chief Officer On Cable Lay Ves.. Marine/Technical Mate, First (Chief Officer)
Chief Officer On Cable Lay Ves.. Marine/Technical DP, Officer
MSC CRUISE LINE JOBS Luxury Yachts Electrician, Chief
SHIPWRIGHT Shipyard/Ship Repair Scaffolders BREMERTON, WA
Intern Positions: Engineers / .. Marine/Technical Engineer, Assistant
Engineer Marine/Technical Engineer, Chief (Unlimited)
On-call Ordinary Seaman (OS) Ferries Seaman, Ordinary
Engineer STO Shipyard/Ship Repair Engineer, Field
Refinsher Luxury Yachts Entry Level
Engineer Shipyard/Ship Repair Engineer, Chief (Unlimited)
Electrician Marine/Technical Electrician, Chief
Travel lift Operator Shipyard/Ship Repair Crane Operator
Safety Officer Inland Towing Safety Officer San Francisco
Junior engineer Tankers/Bulk Cadet, Engine
Engineer - Equipment Inland Engineer, Unlicensed
Offshore Vessels Job Offshore Vessels All
AIDA CRUISE JOB OFFER Cruise/Gaming Vessels Captain, Port

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