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Job Title Category Position Home Port
Crane Operator Marine/Technical Crane Operator Tidewater, VA
Tug Boat Captain/Operator Captain ZZZZZZZZ Tidewater, VA
INSTRUCTOR Admin/Finance/HR All
JOURNEYMAN WELDER Shipyard/Ship Repair Welder, Combination
Marine Electrician Pipelay/Derrick Ship/Barge Electrican DULAC, LA
Diesel Mechanic Pipelay/Derrick Ship/Barge Mechanic,Diesel DULAC, LA
AB Seaman/Rigger Pipelay/Derrick Ship/Barge Rigger Dulac, LA
Captain Cruise/Gaming Vessels Master/Mate, 100 Ton Seattle, WA
Safety Manager Trades Engineer, Assistant
Mechanical and Piping Layout D.. Trades Engineer, Mechanical
Process Engineer with Chemical.. Trades Engineer, Assistant
Industrial Packaging Systems D.. Trades Engineer, Mechanical
Industrial Wastewater Treatmen.. Trades Engineer, Assistant (First)
Controls Engineer Trades Electrican
Electrical Power Engineer Trades Electrican
Construction Management (Civil.. Trades Engineer, Field
Electrical / Electronic / Auto.. Luxury Yachts Electrican Boca Raton - FL
officer of registration depart.. Admin/Finance/HR Entry Level
4th engineer RoRo/Container Fitter, Ship
electrical Marine/Technical Electrican
Master Tankers/Bulk Master, Unlimited
Tankerman (Levels I-IV) Inland Towing Tankerman/PIC
Pilot Inland Towing Pilot, River/Sea

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