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Job Title Category Position Home Port
Captain Captain Master/Mate, 100 Ton Miami
Captain Captain Master/Mate, 100 Ton Miami
Captain Offshore Vessels Captain, Port US
Engineer Offshore Vessels Engineer, Licensed US
Port Mechanic Offshore Vessels Mechanic US
Barge Maintenance Supervisor Inland Towing Barge, Superintendent US
Port Captain Inland Towing Captain, Port US
Marine Logistics Inland Towing Marine Logistics US
Port Engineer Offshore Vessels Engineer, Port
Master Unlimited Offshore Vessels Master, Unlimited
Facility Engineer Marine/Technical Engineer, Mechanical San Francisco
Chief Engineer Cruise/Gaming Vessels Engineer, Chief (Limited)
ATB Chief Engineers Offshore Vessels Engineer, Chief (Limited) US Coast
Marine Mechanic Marine/Technical Mechanic
Marine Mechanical Supervisor, .. Marine/Technical Supervisor, Electronics Technician
Chef Cruise/Gaming Vessels Chef De Parties
Maritime Faculty Instructor Admin/Finance/HR Maritime Instructor
Steward Cook Offshore Vessels Chef
Mate - 500 GRT Offshore Vessels Mate, Deck Richmond, CA
Mate Offshore Vessels Mate, Deck Honolulu, HI
Marine Mechanic Marine/Technical Mechanic California coast
Seafarers Marine/Technical All UK
Manning requierement jobs open.. Offshore Vessels Mate, OSV
Office Responsabile Country Marine/Technical Executive, Shore Side
Refrigeration Engineer Offshore Vessels QMED

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