Job Opportunity: Ordinary Seaman
Job ID: 7653

Job Category: Marine/Technical Vessel Home Port: Key West
Position: Seaman, Ordinary Vessel Flag: US
Job Description:
Leading maritime services company currently accepting qualified applicants for the following pending position:
Ordinary Seaman:

Responsible to assist in the safe and efficient operation of vessel, crew and embarked technicians and military personnel as directed by shipís officers. Performs a variety of tasks related to the operation and upkeep of the vessel. Duties may include but are not limited to, hull, deck, and superstructure preservation, general cleaning, operation of various pieces of deck equipment, small boat operations, securing deck and project equipment, assisting Engineering Dept as needed, and standing designated watches.
High School Graduate or equivalency certification minimum. Must be able to qualify for ordinance handling certification. Merchant Marinerís Document required.
1. Minimum 2 years general work experience related to the maritime field or,
2. 6 months experience in deck positions.
Location: Key West, Florida.
Our company values responsible, mature, & motivated individuals with a strong work ethic. Candidates who seek employment should anticipate the following:
Pre-employment physical and drug screen.
Background investigation.
Competitive Compensation + Benefits offered
Equal Opportunity Employer
Drug Free Workplace
Interested persons may reply to this ad with their resume and copies of licenses and/or credentials clearly demonstrating knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in the areas indicated. Upon receipt of resume and interest an employment application will be sent to the applicant.

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