Job Opportunity: Captain 1000 ton vessel or Captain 2000 ton vessel
Job ID: 6694

Job Category: Offshore Vessels Vessel Home Port: West Africa
Position: Captain/Pilot, OUPV Vessel Flag: International
Job Description:
Must have completed the  Diploma or its equivalent  in nautical studies from recognized Maritime Transport Academy in the World or UK nautical college.  Must possess an Unlimited Master's license for any gross tons any ocean as issued by recognized authority. Seven years experience including 3 years at sea having served one year as either Captain 1000 ton vessel or Captain 2000 ton vessel and one year as trainee Rig Move/Barge Master and one year as trainee Rigmove/Barge Master. Must have been in a position of responsibility in marine work.

The candidate must hold a certificate of Master Mariner (Unlimited Master). The certificate must be valid and in accordance with STCW-95 requirements. Skillfully and safely capable of handling and positioning of Drilling Rigs in restricted docking situations to specific coordinates. Good knowledge of offshore marine operations. Total command in oral and written English. Must have at least fifteen (8) years experience of sea service including seven (7) years experience in anchor handling and directing Drilling Rigs operations on construction or pipe laying barges; and at least two (2) years services as a captain of 2000 + tons vessels.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Directs the movement of offshore Drilling Rigs and work barges from one well site or location to another within Lewek 's offshore areas. Commands Lewek -owned or chartered self-propelled maintenance/producing jack-up barges. Pre-plans rig moves and attends pre-rig move meetings to coordinate with responsible Producing and Drilling personnel. Assigns boats to towing stations for moving rig or barge, plots course and is responsible for safe navigation of tow and directs maneuvering approach and positioning on new location. Gives direct commands regarding steering orders, engine speed and use of anchors and directing boats involved via radio. Acts as Master of one of the 100 self-propelled jack-up barges owned/leased by Lewek. Directs contract crew and is fully responsible for the operation of the vessel. Commands marine craft used in salvage, rescue or towing operations of marine equipment. Makes regular inspections of tugs and self-propelled barges to ensure compliance with Lewek safety, security and good housekeeping rules. Evaluates weather conditions prior to rig move in consultation with weather forecasters and continually updates forecast throughout rig move. Maintains permanent log of all drilling rigs and barges handled. Ensures the safe passage of rigs and barges through the offshore oilfields, and that all movements of rigs, barges, anchors and legs do not threaten or damage underwater pipelines or oilfield installations.
Self propelled
3 Azipod units > 1,000 KW
Newly built
Currently on sea trials
Jacking speed 8 feet per minute
Singapore flag
5,000 GRT
Heading to West Africa
Mixed nationalities on board

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