Job Opportunity: Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program
Job ID: 5199

Job Category: Tankers/Bulk Vessel Home Port: Norfolk, VA
Position: Seaman, Ordinary Vessel Flag: US
Job Description:
To assist in filling the additional shortages of AB positions, the Military Sealift Fleet Support Command (MSFSC) of the Military Sealift Command has established an Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program. This program is designed to bring experienced personnel and previous apprentice participants into the Command for up to 24 months of being mentored by the Civilian Mariner staff. The successful candidates would serve as Ordinary Seaman in the Deck Department aboard all classes of MSC civil service crewed ships, both at sea and in port. Comprising of several selections per quarter, the Program will provide on-the-job training and work experience for experienced individuals or those who have graduated from a Maritime Academy and have completed Basic Fire Fighting, First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, and Personal Survival
courses at USCG certified training facilities. The selected participants will receive Rating Forming
Part of Navigational Watch (RFPNW) training, Able Seaman in Lieu Course, and Lifeboat in Lieu Course and up to 120 Navigational Watches. Upon completion of the 120 watches of Navigational time and receipt of AB-Limited endorsement, candidates may be non-competitively promoted to the position of an Able Bodied Seaman. This program will allow the individuals to learn about Civilian Mariner opportunities at MSC; gain perspectives about how Mariners perform their duties; and, gain sailing skills in an intellectually challenging environment.

Duties: In these positions, the individuals work under the direction of the Boatswain during regular operations and Deck Department Watch Officer during evolutions/watchstanding. The Ordinary Seaman stands watch while in port or at sea and performs routine deck department’s maintenance tasks such as cleaning, painting, and preserving the ship. Duties Include:
• Assist in securing the ship for sea, observing the highest standards of good seamanship;
• Work aloft or over the side with a boatswain chair stage or manlift and supervise accordingly
• Perform traditional shipboard marlinespike seamanship duties such as splicing of wire rope, reaving and unreaving blocks and falls
• Cargo Loading/Unloading/Movement Operations; and
• Operating all lifesaving and damage control equipment aboard the vessel

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