Technical Training Center

                           Houston, Texas

Dynamic Positioning & Associated System Training

Alstom Technical Training Center is validated

by the Nautical Institute and exists to provide the very best in DP training.

The following are some items we hope you will consider, and allow us to

fulfill your DP training needs.


Quality Training. The final training objective is to provide an appropriate 

skill and comfort level through an extensive "hands on" approach to ensure

proper and safe equipment operation  and quality Training and Troubleshooting.



Experienced Instructors. Our Professional instructors  have over 50 years of 

combined technical training experience. This is important from the 

standpoint of their ability to make  detailed and complex information

easily understood by student personnel. The Instructors also have extensive field

 experience with respect to the operation of DP vessels & systems as well as trouble

 shooting, repair, and Maintenance of DP and associated electronic systems.


Simulation Equipment. The Training Center has been equipped with a large array

 of DPS 900 and ADP system simulation equipment for  operator as well as 

maintenance training. The idea is to maximize the amount of time each student

 has in actually operating or trouble shooting the system. 

During Operator Training for example, due to efficient location of simulator 

rooms, Idle time is reduced to Zero with a average class of four students. Each

 simulator compartment is isolated with a full range of communication, alert light,

 sound, printer and monitoring equipment. When conducting a trouble shooting

 and repair exercise during system training maintenance training, the observer 

team has the ability to view details of the tests conducted by the trouble shooting 

team, through special lighting and mini cameras located inside the DP console, then 

displayed on screen via a video projector.


Course Tuition. includes lunch each day  of class, refreshments, all course materials,

 additionally, for operator  personnel includes The Nautical Institute DP Operator

 Log Book, and Nautical Institute DP Certificate processing Fee.


Phone:  713-895-0068                         Fax:713-895-0072